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One of the new and hot trends in awards and trophies is acrylic. Acrylic is versatile and has the clarity and weight of crystal without the extravagant cost of a crystal trophy. If you are looking for an award that is elegant, prestigious and still affordable you can't go wrong with acrylic.

Acrylic is a transparent material so you can apply graphics both internally and externally. You can also engrave pretty much anything you want into the surface to give it an interesting and unique look.

These interesting acrylic awards can be made in a wide array of sizes and shapes so the customer can be as creative as their pocketbook allows. You can create one of a kind masterpieces such as waves, pyramids, diamond shapes and even cars or boats (although these will be at the high end of the price range). You can also customize acrylic trophies and awards by mounting them on bases that can have metal plates engraved on them.

You can also have your acrylic trophy or award done in a colored acrylic material or have colored pieces added to the trophy for dramatic effect. No matter what you choose you can be sure that anyone receiving an awards made from acrylic will treasure it for a lifetime.

Please peruse our website for information regarding acrylic trophies, plaques and trophies as well as reviews on retailers and acrylic awards.

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